To enhance the lives of all Guyanese by increasing the play of chess, where the appreciation of the value of time, concentration, evaluation, patience and calculated risk taking are paramount to success in life as in chess.


To implement policies and initiatives that will achieve the aim of having a chess club in every Neighborhood in Guyana.



The Strategy will focus on continually enhancing the attractiveness of the game to the youth by creating a brand that embodies Creativity, Competitiveness and Allure. The strategy will seek to establish the game at the top of the mind of the youth and will seek as a priority to increase the number of female players. It is essential that in the execution of this strategy that every effort is made to avoid the game being perceived to be elitist, in fact it is necessary for success of the strategy that it is viewed as a pastime that can be enjoyed by all, starting at the grassroots.

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