Top 10 Open Players
Total Points
19700024Khan, Taffin104
19700261Drayton, Anthony65
19700083Nathoo, Loris60
19700067Nandalall, Shivanand46
19700288Varona-Thomas, Maria40
14316455Meusa, Wendell39
19700156Persaud, Kriskal36
19700075Greenidge, Ronuel34
19700512Ali, Saeed Anwar33
19700750Johnson, Nellisha30
Calculations for Open Players
Adrian RoopnarineGrandPrix 1410
GrandPrix 2101
GrandPrix 374
GrandPrix 4313
Worst Score0-1
Adrian Roopnarine Total27
Ali, Saeed AnwarGrandPrix 1160
GrandPrix 2120
National Championship710
National Qualifier223
Ali, Saeed Anwar Total33
Allijohn, Ghansham AmeerNational Qualifier200
Allijohn, Ghansham Ameer Total0
Axel GowenGrandPrix 3120
GrandPrix 474
Axel Gowen Total4
Campayne, SherlytaGrandPrix 1190
Campayne, Sherlyta Total0
Chung, ChinoGrandPrix 1150
GrandPrix 2200
GrandPrix 3180
Worst Score00
Chung, Chino Total0
Corlette, GlenfordGrandPrix 1101
GrandPrix 2160
GrandPrix 3101
GrandPrix 4217
National Qualifier160
Worst Score00
Corlette, Glenford Total19
Cornelius, Pasqual AverellNational Qualifier130
Cornelius, Pasqual Averell Total0
De Silva, Justino Manuelo JohnGrandPrix 174
GrandPrix 283
GrandPrix 392
National Qualifier415
Worst Score0-2
De Silva, Justino Manuelo John Total22
Drayton, AnthonyGrandPrix 3313
National Championship140
National Qualifier512
Drayton, Anthony Total65
Farley, FrankieGrandPrix 165
GrandPrix 2220
GrandPrix 383
GrandPrix 4170
National Qualifier140
Worst Score00
Farley, Frankie Total8
Fredericks, Anasie JadaGrandPrix 1190
Fredericks, Anasie Jada Total0
Gillysa Genez HamiltonGrandPrix 1260
Gillysa Genez Hamilton Total0
Gobin, SamirahGrandPrix 1120
Gobin, Samirah Total0
Gomes, TerryNational Qualifier150
Gomes, Terry Total0
Gookul, Savir RahulNational Qualifier220
Gookul, Savir Rahul Total0
Gopaul, JoshuaGrandPrix 1130
GrandPrix 2180
GrandPrix 3210
GrandPrix 492
National Qualifier190
Worst Score00
Gopaul, Joshua Total2
Greenidge, RonuelGrandPrix 2217
GrandPrix 3217
GrandPrix 457
Worst Score0-7
Greenidge, Ronuel Total34
Grimmond, Dane GavinGrandPrix 2150
Grimmond, Dane Gavin Total0
Hussain, RashadNational Qualifier110
Hussain, Rashad Total0
Jagnandan, Andre RadeshGrandPrix 3190
GrandPrix 4140
Jagnandan, Andre Radesh Total0
Jason BarnwellGrandPrix 4190
Jason Barnwell Total0
Johnson, Waveney OshannaGrandPrix 1180
Johnson, Waveney Oshanna Total0
Juma, ChelseaGrandPrix 1250
National Qualifier210
Juma, Chelsea Total0
Kandeval, TejasvarunGrandPrix 1200
Kandeval, Tejasvarun Total0
Kenrick BrathwaiteGrandPrix 1170
GrandPrix 2190
GrandPrix 3230
Worst Score00
Kenrick Brathwaite Total0
Khan, DavidNational Qualifier180
Khan, David Total0
Khan, Joshua Che AhmadGrandPrix 1240
Khan, Joshua Che Ahmad Total0
Khan, TaffinGrandPrix 1122
GrandPrix 2122
GrandPrix 4122
National Championship230
National Qualifier130
Worst Score0-22
Khan, Taffin Total104
Lee, EthanGrandPrix 1110
GrandPrix 2410
GrandPrix 3150
Worst Score00
Lee, Ethan Total10
Lee, Rajiv AdhikariGrandPrix 483
Lee, Rajiv Adhikari Total3
Leung, SteveGrandPrix 292
Leung, Steve Total2
Mars, DavionGrandPrix 183
GrandPrix 274
GrandPrix 3110
GrandPrix 4130
National Qualifier102
Worst Score00
Mars, Davion Total9
McDonald, Jacob FrankGrandPrix 1230
McDonald, Jacob Frank Total0
McKay, Ryan OnielNational Qualifier85
McKay, Ryan Oniel Total5
Meusa, WendellGrandPrix 1217
GrandPrix 2210
GrandPrix 3122
National Qualifier170
Worst Score00
Meusa, Wendell Total39
Nandalall, ShivanandGrandPrix 157
GrandPrix 265
GrandPrix 365
GrandPrix 4410
National Championship515
National Qualifier69
Worst Score0-5
Nandalall, Shivanand Total46
Nathoo, LorisGrandPrix 1313
GrandPrix 2313
GrandPrix 3140
GrandPrix 465
National Championship322
National Qualifier77
Worst Score00
Nathoo, Loris Total60
Nauth, JacobGrandPrix 1140
GrandPrix 2140
GrandPrix 3200
Worst Score00
Nauth, Jacob Total0
Neto, RobertoGrandPrix 257
GrandPrix 3130
National Championship612
National Qualifier94
Neto, Roberto Total23
Persaud, KriskalNational Championship418
National Qualifier318
Persaud, Kriskal Total36
Petterson, CarlosGrandPrix 3410
GrandPrix 4150
Petterson, Carlos Total10
Rajkumar, Mahir AdrianGrandPrix 1270
Rajkumar, Mahir Adrian Total0
Rajkumar, Maliha DhanaGrandPrix 1210
Rajkumar, Maliha Dhana Total0
Sanichara, HemrajNational Qualifier120
Sanichara, Hemraj Total0
Shariff, Sasha ChristinaGrandPrix 4101
Shariff, Sasha Christina Total1
Sharma, Rai JagatGrandPrix 192
GrandPrix 2110
GrandPrix 4120
Worst Score00
Sharma, Rai Jagat Total2
Singh, AravindaGrandPrix 3220
Singh, Aravinda Total0
Suriyah GobinGrandPrix 1220
Suriyah Gobin Total0
Taylor, JadenGrandPrix 2170
GrandPrix 3170
GrandPrix 4110
Worst Score00
Taylor, Jaden Total0
Tiwari, ErrolGrandPrix 1200
GrandPrix 2130
GrandPrix 357
GrandPrix 4180
National Qualifier230
Worst Score00
Tiwari, Errol Total7
Williams, GilbertGrandPrix 3160
GrandPrix 4160
Williams, Gilbert Total0
Top 10 Female Players
Total Points
119700288Varona-Thomas, Maria40
219700911Gobin, Samirah37
319700687Shariff, Sasha Christina32
419700750Johnson, Nellisha30
519701004Johnson, Waveney Oshanna25
619700695Juma, Chelsea23
719700903Rahim, Angel Raeesah Nayelli22
819701160Fredericks, Anasie Jada13
919700997Hussain, Aneesa Maryam12
1019700881Rajkumar, Maliha Dhana10
19701152Suriyah Gobin7
19701799Campayne, Sherlyta5
19701179Gillysa Genez Hamilton4
Calculations for Female Players
Varona-Thomas, MariaWomens Championship140
Varona-Thomas, Maria Total40
Gobin, SamirahGrandPrix 1122
Womens Championship515
Gobin, Samirah Total37
Shariff, Sasha ChristinaGrandPrix 4122
Womens Championship710
Shariff, Sasha Christina Total32
Johnson, NellishaWomens Championship230
Johnson, Nellisha Total30
Johnson, Waveney OshannaGrandPrix 1217
Womens Championship88
Johnson, Waveney Oshanna Total25
Juma, ChelseaGrandPrix 165
Womens Championship418
Juma, Chelsea Total23
Rahim, Angel Raeesah NayelliWomens Championship322
Rahim, Angel Raeesah Nayelli Total22
Fredericks, Anasie JadaGrandPrix 1313
Fredericks, Anasie Jada Total13
Hussain, Aneesa MaryamWomens Championship612
Hussain, Aneesa Maryam Total12
Rajkumar, Maliha DhanaGrandPrix 1410
Rajkumar, Maliha Dhana Total10
Suriyah GobinGrandPrix 157
Suriyah Gobin Total7
Campayne, SherlytaGrandPrix 165
Campayne, Sherlyta Total5
Gillysa Genez HamiltonGrandPrix 174
Gillysa Genez Hamilton Total4

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