Top 10

Total Points
119700024Khan, Taffin104
219700261Drayton, Anthony96
311100702Meusa, Wendell80
419700318Neto, Roberto56
519700083Nathoo, Loris54
619701500Lam, Pooja42
719700148Farley, Frankie38
819700687Shariff, Sasha Christina35
919700660Lee, Ethan29
1019700547Callender, Jessica22

These results are provisional only and are provided so that players can ensure their results are recorded correctly.

Final verification will be done by the GCF Executive Committee and will post official results on completion of the series.


Khan, TaffinGrandPrix 2122
GrandPrix 3122
National Championship230
National Qualifier130
Drayton, AnthonyGrandPrix 1122
GrandPrix 2313
GrandPrix 3122
Lowest Score0-13
National Championship322
National Qualifier130
Meusa, WendellGrandPrix 3217
National Championship140
National Qualifier223
Neto, RobertoGrandPrix 2410
GrandPrix 3313
National Championship515
National Qualifier318
Nathoo, LorisGrandPrix 1410
GrandPrix 2217
GrandPrix 3410
Lowest Score0-10
National Championship612
National Qualifier415
Farley, FrankieGrandPrix 2101
GrandPrix 357
National Championship418
National Qualifier512
Lee, EthanGrandPrix 165
GrandPrix 365
National Championship710
National Qualifier69
Tiwari, ErrolGrandPrix 257
GrandPrix 3101
National Championship97
National Qualifier102
Adrian RoopnarineGrandPrix 1217
Sharma, Rai JagatGrandPrix 392
National Championship88
National Qualifier94
Mars, DavionGrandPrix 1313
Hussain, RashadGrandPrix 2160
GrandPrix 374
National Qualifier77
De Silva, Justino Manuelo JohnGrandPrix 2110
GrandPrix 383
National Qualifier85
Sandiford, KeronGrandPrix 157
Taylor, GodfreyNational Championship105
Oyeyipo, OluwadareGrandPrix 174
Troyer, Jarrell AnthonyGrandPrix 283
Taylor, JadenGrandPrix 183
Raghunauth, Arysh DwijGrandPrix 1101
Taylor, Godfrey BartholomewGrandPrix 3110
National Qualifier110
Taylor GodfreyGrandPrix 2180
Simpson, LucasGrandPrix 1180
GrandPrix 2250
Simpson, LoganGrandPrix 1170
Primus, EmmanuelGrandPrix 2140
Persaud, EthanGrandPrix 2230
GrandPrix 3130
National Qualifier130
Panday, ZackGrandPrix 2260
Mickle, OwenGrandPrix 2200
Lord, JulionGrandPrix 1110
Khan, MayasGrandPrix 1130
GrandPrix 2240
GrandPrix 3120
Lowest Score00
National Qualifier120
Kandeval, TejasvarunGrandPrix 1200
Enoe, MicaiahGrandPrix 2170

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