Tournament Regulations


This tournament will be held according to the FIDE Rules of Chess and the following General Conditions.

System of Play

The Games will be a Swiss System of seven (7) rounds or Round Robin if there are exactly 8 players participating in the tournament.
The rate of play will be ninety (90) minutes for all the moves plus an increment of thirty (30) seconds per move from the initial move. The tournament will be Fide-Rated.

The final placings will be decided by the points obtained by each player. The player who obtains the most points will be declared the Champion. In the case of ties, the winners will be decided by the implementation of the following tie-break systems in the order mentioned:

  1. Direct Encounter
  2. Buchholz
  3. Sonnenberger
  4. Most wins
  5. Youngest Age

The Tournament Organisers expect the highest standards of behavior and fair play by the participants.
Default Time: The player who has not made a move thirty (30) minutes after the official start of the rounds shall lose his/her game.

Players are requested to note the requirements of FIDE regulations C.01 (Article 8.1) in respect to their dignified appearance at all times during the tournament. Slippers, shorts, sun glasses, sports caps and revealing attire are not allowed.

FIDE Arbiters

  • John Lee – Chief Arbiter
  • Anand Raghunauth -Arbiter

COVID-19 Regulations (subject to change)
Each player aged 18 years and over must be FULLY vaccinated in order to play a physical, in-person, “Over the board” tournament.
Fully vaccinated is defined as:
one dose of the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine
two doses of the other vaccines offered such as Sputnik V, Sinopharm, Astrazeneca, Pfizer etc.

There is a 14-day period after receiving your last vaccination before you are considered fully vaccinated.
Players between the ages of 12 and 17, if not fully vaccinated, are ENCOURAGED to be fully vaccinated in order to play an “Over the Board” chess tournament.

Players under the age of 12 will be allowed to play in GCF tournaments under strict COVID 19 regulations and must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent who will have the sole responsibility of ensuring that their child follows all the guidelines required. Players who fail to follow these regulations may not be allowed to continue participating in the tournament.

Players are asked to submit an image of their vaccination card PRIOR to game time during the registration process or via Whatsapp or email to any of the executive members of the GCF. This record will be kept for future tournament requirements.

Players 18 years and older are requested to present a valid form of ID for verification at the entry of the tournament venue on the first day of play.

Parents and Officials of the GCF MUST be vaccinated in order to be allowed entry to the tournament venue.
NO spectators are allowed in the playing halls. Players shall immediately leave the playing hall at the end of their game.

Players, Arbiters, Parents and Officials shall wear masks at all times during playing time as well as in the building of the playing venue. Masks are to be worn CORRECTLY which means your nose and mouth should be fully covered. Masks are NOT to be worn on the chin. An N95 or KN95 mask is highly recommended.
Players will be required to have their temperatures checked and hands sanitized at the entry of the tournament venue.

Upon entering and exiting the playing hall, and during the breaks, participants must wash or disinfect their hands.

There will be NO borrowing of pens/pencils during the tournament.

If a player shows any signs of COVID 19 symptoms, such as a cough, cold, fever and constant sneezing, whether it is just BEFORE or DURING the tournament, he or she will NOT be allowed to play or continue playing in the tournament. They will only be allowed to return after producing a negative COVID 19 test result.

After each round/game is finished, players are asked to exit the playing room and return only at the start of the next round.

The requirement for shaking your opponent’s hand is suspended.

Register Here

Registration for the GCF Grand Prix Tournament 2

This is the official registration form for the GCF Grand Prix Tournament 2 being held on April 23rd-24th, April 30th and May 1st 2022.

This tournament will be played in person and will follow all rules and guidelines as set out by the Guyana Covid-19 taskforce.

This is the only way to enter this tournament. No in-Person registration will be allowed.

The registration Fee is GYD $2,000.00 for all players payable by MMG or by cash.

Since COVID-19 checks will be performed before you enter the playing venue, please arrange to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.

Playing Schedule

  • Saturday April 23, 2022
    • Round 1 09:00
    • Round 2 14:00
  • Sunday April 24, 2022
    • Round 3 09:00
    • Round 4 14:00
  • Saturday April 30, 2022
    • Round 5 09:00
    • Round 6 14:00
  • Sunday May1, 2022
    • Round 7 09:00
    • Round 8 14:00

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