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Subject to the payment of appropriate fees and compliance with such eligibility, selection and other requirements as may apply in respect of a particular benefit, entitlement or right, the Federation shall endeavor to provide the following privileges for affiliated Regional Associations and persons nominated by them:

i.                 the right to be represented and to vote at Council meetings and National Conferences of the Federation and to vote on special motions as defined in the GCF Constitution, provided that Regional Associations and or individual membership is more than 180 days prior to vote; and In order to cast a valid vote, one must be at the very least be 18 years or older by the date of voting. Notwithstanding there shall be no elections 12 months prior to an Olympiad. However an election shall be called three months after the said Olympiad.

ii.                the right to participate in activities conducted by or on behalf of the Federation or in activities conducted by others for which nomination, endorsement or approval of the Federation is a requirement, including:

                  national championships,

                  international competitions for individuals and teams,

                  such other activities as the Federation may from time to time conduct, control, authorize or participate in;

iii.               the right to conduct national and international activities on behalf of the Federation;

iv.               the right to have results of competitions incorporated in Federation and FIDE ratings systems;

v.                the right to be nominated for and receive titles and awards bestowed by the Federation or for which nomination, endorsement or approval by the

vi.               Federation is a requirement;

vii.             such other privileges as the Federation may from time to time agree to endeavor to provide for affiliated County Associations and persons nominated by them. See copy of GCF Constitution

Junior Annual Membership Fee (18 years and under)$1000 GYD
Adult Annual Membership Fee (above 18 years )$2000 GYD


CONTACT Frankie Farley +(592) 670 3839

to make payment.