Anthony Drayton records first win for Guyana in FIDE Chess Olympiad

FIDE master Anthony Drayton created one of the biggest upsets of the first-round open division. He recorded his win against Andorra’s Jordi Fluvia in the first round of the 44 th FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India. Drayton, rated at 1928, was elated over the victory noting that it was the highest-rated opponent he ever won against.

…..Remarkably, not a single lower-rated player upset their opponent on the first 57 boards of the open section. To find the first instance of such a result we have to go down to board 58, where Anthony Drayton from Guyana (rated 1928) defeated Jordi Fluvia from Andorra (2451).

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Chennai R1: 24 out of 24 for Indian teams

The much-anticipated Olympiad finally kicked off in Chennai. Lopsided matches were once again the rule in the first round of the massive event. Nonetheless, a couple of strong grandmasters escaped with draws from losing positions, as their opponents were happy to split the points when given the chance.


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