In the past, the GCF held elections which required the election by vote for each member of the executive committee. The incorporation of the Federation as a private company replaces the executive committee with a board of directors. The election of office bearers will be conducted by slate of directors instead of by post.

A slate is a group of candidates that run in multi-seat or multi-position elections on a common platform.

Slate elections allow an aspiring Presidential Candidate to be selective of the persons on his/her team which may lead to more cohesive and collaborative management of the Federations duties and practices.

Elections Committee

The Guyana Chess Federation has formed an Elections Committee made up of three people, one person from the executive committee and two senior members of the Guyana Chess Federation. The President may not be a member of this committee. Candidates for President or anyone on his slate may not be a member of this committee. In the case where all current executives are either contesting or running for re-election, the President can appoint a Senior Member of the Federation in place of the executive member.

The Elections Committee is responsible for

  1. Conducting the election, either by the use of physical ballots or by an electronic platform approved by the executive committee.
  2. Ensuring that the slate of names submitted by each presidential candidate meet the requirements to hold office as stated in the Constitution of the Guyana Chess Federation
  3. Contacting the people on the list submitted by the candidate to validate their agreement to hold office and in certain cases explain their duties and responsibilities.

Submitting a slate of nominees

Candidates are required to submit to the Elections Committee a list of seven names, which would form the executive committee. This list must include the President, Vice-President, Company Secretary and four other board members. Every member on the slate must sign a document confirming his/her willingness to serve on this team in the position indicated.

Successful candidates can appoint up to four more members of the board once the election is concluded. With the exceptions of the prospective President and Vice-President, any person’s name may appear on multiple slates.

Eligible Voters

Any member of the Guyana Chess Federation who has been a member no later than 180 days from the date of the Annual General Meeting AND whose membership is fully paid-up at the time of the Annual General Meeting, will be considered eligible to vote in this election.

Members who have not observed their eighteenth (18th) birthday by the day of the Annual General Meeting will be considered minors and may be represented by proxy by a sole parent or guardian once the Elections Committee has been so advised. Since no person or proxy may be allowed to vote more than one time, in the case where there are multiple members of the household who are minors, only one vote will be allowed from that household.

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